Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The moral basis of anti-caste legislation by Dr Prakash Shah

Here is an excellent article "The moral basis of anti-caste legislation" by Dr Prakash Shah, arguing why a blind rush to legislate under pressure of lobbies can lead to a risk of introducing social discord where none exists.
A debate around the issues that Dr Shah’s article raises are sadly missing in India itself. The theories of Aryan Invasion and equating caste with race, which have now been discredited, as no evidence exists, have sadly percolated in Indian society, leading to further discord in the society based on a manufactured history.
The issues raised about the motivation of the lobbies in the article are also pertinent. Using caste related problems for showing eastern cultures as ‘immoral’ and using these arguments for proselytizing is nothing short of attack on eastern cultures.

Lastly I am tempted to say that Europe including UK will do well in first removing discrimination against the medieval Indian migrants to Europe which are the Roma people which is a far bigger problem in western societies. Indian immigrants to the UK are sufficiently part of the western mainstream to recognize the evils of social discrimination and do not need paternalistic laws to govern their communities.

Dr Shah's article is very relevant for all Indians to debate on especially in the lite of the kind of destructive caste divisions are being manufactured in our country based on a totally manufactured history and example of which can be found in this news report

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