Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Hindu : Locked in U.N. files, 15 years of bloodletting at LoC

An excellent article appeared in the Hindu on Martyr's Day when India remembers not only Gandhi but all its slain heroes. The article brings to light a possible 15 years of tit for tat beheading since Capt. Saurav Kalia's killing and mutilation in the run up to Kargil war. This shows what happens even to the most professional of services when there is no closure on such brutality. If these are proven to be true then they reflect not only the unprofessional conduct by our services but also the difficulty our services face when the political masters fail to fulfill their duties to bring closure to such crimes which have happened in past.

There is no need for the Indian army to fall to the level of such brutality in reply to brutality. But they should never be forced in situations when they find no other option either. The political leadership of India should intervene. 'Truth' is the only cleanser.

The Hindu : News / National : Locked in U.N. files, 15 years of bloodletting at LoC

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