Sunday, 28 October 2012

Salman beats Anand to the post

My post yesterday turned out to be a bit of a foot in mouth situation for me. I jumped the gun but then in my defence it was based on the talk of the town at the time of my publishing that article. I also stand by my assessment of Industry's influence on the government which was seen in this rejig.

So we know now that Mr Anand Sharma stays in his post as the commerce minister while the surprise elevation of Mr Salman Khurshid to the post of external affairs minister is the confirmed news now. This means that the Rs 71 lakh scam was too  small to be of any bearing on the decision of his elevation after all. More interesting news doing rounds was about the possible exit of Mr Jaipal Reddy from the oil and gas ministry after his showdown with Reliance Industries. The influence of big business on the decisions of the central government looks quite ominous. All this does send a bad signal to those who perform honest discharge of their duties but never the less this is just the fact of the day.

It was interesting to note the oath that the cabinet ministers take during the swearing in ceremony which President Pranab Mukharjee presided on. It remains to be seen how well they keep the oath to perform their duty faithfully and conscientiously, without favour or fear, affection or ill will, in accordance with law, upholding the constitution of India, without revealing the secrets of their office to any person with exception for the due discharge of their duty. An oath they have taken in the name of God hopefully with full knowledge of the responsibility of the posts they are going to hold. Except for the shaky hands of Mr Harish Rawat signing the oath I did not see anyone else being overwhelmed by the occasion at least. But then a lot goes on behind the scenes.

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