Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Mamata Pulls Out of UPA II

We have heard it today. Mamata Bannerjee withdraws support from the UPA II government. Was this the most expected decision from her? I must say at the risk of sounding opportunistic that I was expecting it to come. I have argued in past that the 14 September decision by Manmohan Singh has been undemocratic to say the least. One might argue that Mamata Banerjee was always opinionated and stubborn but she has support from the people who have democratically elected her to power. She has pro-poor views and has every right to do so. Congress has been autocratic in these decisions and has been quite arrogant in its confidence of being able to successfully horse trade with SP and BSP to keep Mamata in check.

We have to wait and see if congress is able to garner support from the SP and BSP to survive but even if they do they will extract a big price from the government. I am not convinced that Manmohan Singh can survive the full term and also effectively conduct business. The decision in FDI in retail was decision which even a seasoned and experience politician like Pranab Mukharjee did not see as tenable. If the government has to compromise with some of other parties on corruption in their states to survive then it makes another dent on its image of being weak on corruption.

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