Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Reservation Bogey in Lokpal

Over the last few days we have been hearing about the union cabinet's decision to have reservation in Lokpal. This is in my view shows the desperation in union government. They are trying to put as many obstacles in the path of an effective Lokpal as they can. When they have realized that citizens are largely in agreement with the "Team Anna" proposal for an effective Lokpal, they now want to play the age old divide and rule game.

This is completely absurd and I almost feel like saying that let the post of the prime minister of this country and the entire union cabinet be reserved for backward classes. That way perhaps there would not be a need for any other demands for backward class reservations in every walk of life that we face.

The truth of our country is that anyone with power in hands becomes the victimizer and one without the victim. It is far from true that the so called backward classes are victims and the forward classes are the ones who exploit. I doubt if the government officials including IAS officers who are from the reserved category are any better than the ones from the general category when it comes to corruption in their ranks.

This is very mischievous on the part of the government to introduce 50% reservation in the Lokpal. A body they should have the best of the best people in its ranks to defend our public finances from being squandered, and to prevent exploitation of the citizens by corrupt officials is being destroyed, to gain political mileage, and to divide the people, who are are in favour of an effective Lokpal.

This is going to be one long struggle for sure for us.